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Swim Safety… It Is Everyone’s Responsibility!!!

Often we do not think about the impact of a catastrophic event unless it happens close to home, or unfortunately directly to us. Drowning is one of those events that we never want to impact our lives, but over the …

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How do I train for a TRIATHLON?

How do I train for a TRIATHLON? Believe it or not, training for your first triathlon is easier than one might think. Yes, it takes dedication, perseverance and supportive people surrounding you, but it can actually be simpler than one …

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Q and A with Mom of a Soon To Be One Year Old

1. My daughter turns one in June … when should I start swim lessons with her? As soon as possible! Research associated with children starting swim lessons earlier verifies those       children have an incredible advantage over those that …

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Patience and Persistance

This is what we are calling a swim highlight story. We will be doing these stories periodically throughout the year as we want to spotlight different families and their kids. This first story is one that I’ve been wanting to …

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Why “Floaties” Are Bad

Why “Floaties” Are Bad In our last blog weposted about swimming and the need for swim lessons to make children safe. This blog is as the title suggests, reasons that “floaties” are bad. Some “floaties” are the type that you …

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