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Splash! Your Neighborhood Swim School
is very excited to offer state-of-the-art facilities to our families.

Our Pool:

Pool Facilities at Splash!Our indoor pool is 4ft deep and kept at a warm 90 degrees throughout the year which is ideal for teaching children how-to-swim. There will be no chattering of teeth because we believe that children should be comfortable in learning.

Our pool is also equipped with the most exclusive and advanced technology in the industry, including a state-of-the-art disinfectant, filtration, and recirculation system. The custom-built filtration and water treatment system ensures our pool contains the highest quality water for swimmers.  Housed in a glass enclosure, the advanced filtration system can be viewed from the pool deck or observation area.

We are proud to have our pool built with MyrthaPools technology, one of the best in the industry. MyrthaPools advanced technology has been implemented in all facets of the aquatics industry. Because of their unrivaled technology and customized solutions, MyrthaPools has been selected to build pools for some of the most prestigious swimming events in the world, including the FISU Games, European Championships, USA Swimming, and regional games.

Here are the key points:

The viewing area:

  • Temperature controlled area to ensure families are able to watch their children in comfort
  • Plenty of comfortable seating
  • 18 individual changing rooms to ensure short lines even in the busiest of times
  • A private party room to meet all of your celebratory needs
  • Swim School Team Store- in case a child’s goggles or swimsuit are forgotten!
  • Available snack store to feed those hungry tummies with healthy snacks
  • Photo-Op area to commemorate your child’s many accomplishments at SPLASH!
Fool Facilities at Splash!